Frank Gutch Jr.

” Melody, harmony and just enough surrounding it. It is magic to my ears.”


Rock and Reprise

“…Jane Gowan…is my Elvis Costello…”


“…there should be a home for bands that can so consistently craft smart, crisp pop songs and as long as Shade keeps writing records like One Last Show of Hearts, herohill will proudly yell from the rooftops hoping people to listen.”

Ride the Tempo

“…a lovely warm tone and a bit of a vintage feel…”

Quick Before it Melts

“unexpected hues and intricate instrumental weaves”
“a smart and witty playfulness”

Frank Gutch Jr.

“Gowan has a sound. It’s way cool”

“…créative et accrocheuse”

“…très bonnes chansons qui méritent une écoute attentive”


Oh Canada (You’re Music to my Ears)

Frank Gutch Jr., Sept 21, 2011.

Jimmy Rae Catching Some Shade with Jane Gowan

Skope Magazine, April 2011.

Canadian Musician Showcase

“This one’s a no-brainer – listen to Highway”.

Shade, Highway
By Todd Sikorski, Skope

“a surprisingly strong, original effort…”
“professional as hell”

SHADE-It has a way of sinking in
By Frank Gutch, Rock and Reprise

“Shade has packed this album so full of pop hooks and melodies and harmonies that I can’t get away from them.”

Reviews: Shade Highway

“…not one note on this compact 10-song, 36-minute record feels forced and that is very, very rare these days.”

Highway: A Reflective Cohesion of Escapism and Carpe Diem
by Chris Menezes,

Gowan’s lyrics are genuine and real. The music is both polished and raw, as well-produced indie music ought to be.