Shade plays warm, honest and catchy vintage pop.

The band is fronted by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jane Gowan, who started Shade in 2006 after moving to Toronto from her hometown Vancouver and hooking up with bassist Mary Harmer (Weeping Tile) and drummer Cam Giroux (Oh Susannah, Violet Archers, Holly McNarland).

Gowan is also the co-founder of the Vancouver pop/rock group Spygirl, who have recorded 2 full-length albums. She is a seasoned sidewoman, having performed live and in the studio on keyboards, trumpet and accordion for several Vancouver bands, including The Neins Circa, Belinda Bruce and the Tawny Stars, and The Beige.

Shade has released 2 albums to date: Highway (2010), and the EP One Last Show of Hearts (Nov, 2011). Both are produced by friend and part-time bandmember Tim Vesely (Violet Archers, Rheostatics).

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