A shout out to all the dreamers, wanderers and bird watchers, here’s this week’s free download, from the 2012 LP One Last Show of Hearts. Enjoy!


Today we’re adding guitars to a track on the new album, trying to channel our inner Pete Townshend. In the meantime, we continue to give away the old stuff to any of you who want it.

Today’s freebie is “What I Mean” – a bouncy pop party from our first album Highway. It was a lot of fun making this record, and we managed to find a band sound that worked for the record as a whole. Recording bed tracks live off the floor helped create the overall feel, and added an element of looseness.

We were lucky to record at the wonderfully funky and welcoming Bathouse Studios, where so much great music has been made, especially by Canadian rock ‘n roll superstars The Tragically Hip.

We’ve been giving away a free download every Friday while we put finishing touches on the new album. Here’s the track for week #6 – “Peace of Mind”, from the album One Last Show of Hearts.

We’re excited to learn that one of our songs is used in the super funny and creative sketch comedy series Portlandia.

“Does it Matter” can be heard in Season 3, Episode 5 (Squiggleman) in the sketch called “DMV Fairytales”, as Carrie finally gets her driver’s license renewed at the end of a really lousy day.

Watch the episode on Netflix.

From the 2011 EP One Last Show of Hearts, here’s the song “Understand”, as seen by a daring gull.

One Last Show of Hearts is now available in tactile form.

Available now on bandcamp and shipped from our house to yours, the slimline CD + lyric booklet include a free download card that you can share with a friend or relative of your choice (or for that matter, a total stranger). You also get an immediate digital download of the album, so it’s kind of like 3 albums for the price of 1.

Buy it now on our bandcamp page.

New video for the song “False Start”, from the EP One Last Show of Hearts.
Rated “G”.

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One Last Show of Hearts, 2011

Highway, 2010


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